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"TPJC was really invaded by Saints. XD Sat and watched the match which IMO was really exciting! There were moments where you really held your breath and wondered if the opponent or SA will score. It poured halfway and we had to go back to the shelter to watch which wasn't half as exciting cause we couldnt see the other side of the field. >=(

And then, SA scored! Super nice shot! Hehehe. And I still remember hearing the guy say ' Wah I watch EPL got instant replay one leh!' ROFL. XD

Hahaha, so the match ended 1-nil and we just slacked around waiting for Guangfu who was taking like a thousand or a million years to be done." - SOURCE

"tpjc vs sajc
saw cheryl n jake
n shawn lim who was in mjc but came to tpjc dunno for wad
sadly tpjc lost 1-0 to sajc.... =(
but its ok!
TPJC go go go for the next match!
the rain also kinda affected the mood" - SOURCE


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